Tools & Resources for getting started with Crypto Treasury Management

There are many great resources available in the market. Sharing a list of our favorite ones.


  • Snapshot - All the DAOs set up their proposal on this platform and the further decision is done on the basis of community votes.
  • Dune Analytics - Community dashboard and analytics for DAOs and crypto companies
  • Gnosis - A platform for the management of digital assets on Ethereum.
  • MultiSafe - Built on top of Gnosis Safe, a Crypto treasury Operating System for Crypto Companies and DAOs.
  • Parcel - A Simplified Treasury Management Platform for DAOs
  • Multis - A crypto wallet to streamline payments and track wallets.
  • Hedgey - A protocol for DAOs and token teams to generate Stablecoins, diversify treasuries, and structure large native tokens.

Treasury management as a service

Note - Check out our learn post on How DAOs are helping other DAOs with their treasury management.

Good Reads




These are not all but a few of our favorite resources. As the market grows, there will be more tools and great resources. Do let us know on Discord Channel if there is anything we can add.

About MultiSafe

MultiSafe aims to simplify crypto treasury management for Companies & DAOs - built using Gnosis Safe, IPFS & Filecoin.

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