Which DAOs are helping other DAOs in Treasury management

With so many challenges and complexities, there is an ocean of choices in Treasury management and among all of them, the DAOs need to choose the one that fits their needs.

A new set of assets for different DAO treasuries are being figured out and implemented according to the DAO requirements that can help these DAOs to focus on other operations.

The DAOs that are actively working on their treasury management while helping other DAOs are:

YAM Finance

Yam finance has introduced Yam DAO House that has been designed especially for DAOs. Undoubtedly, it’s a TMaaS (Treasury Management as a Service model) helping DAOs that are looking to outsource the management of their treasuries.

It's a community-driven initiative in which the investment strategies will be selected via on-chain voting by the community members. TMaaS is a full-service offering that includes consultation and setup, investment strategy development, technical implementation, deployment of the fully customized DAO House treasury management product, and ongoing support.

Check the latest YAM Treasury Quarterly Report in which the details are given of

  1. How YAM is helping ecosystem partners generate yield.
  2. YAM’s Income, Expense, Assets, and Team contributor changes

The famous sushiHOUSE by yamHOUSE - SushiHOUSE is the very first neighbor with YAM covering the 3 basic aspects as a solution for managing SushiSwap treasury

  1. On-chain governance
  2. Dedicated Portfolio manager actively managing treasury
  3. Build-in smart contract trading infrastructure

All this is done in order to build a blockhouse for bear market conditions. Check DAO House portfolio Models which are the driving point for building the portfolio of different DAO treasuries. Krugman is the active portfolio manager of sushiHOUSE.

The benefits of having neighbors with growing and vibrant treasury funds are:-

  • These neighbors can support each other in their time of need.
  • Two or more Neighbour DAOs can use the DAO Token Swap module in order to support each other.


Llama is helping DAOs in diversifying their treasury by closely working with the team and providing the roadmap for creating the best portfolio.

Recently, llama launched $LDI (Llama Diversified Index) in partnership with IndexCoop. LDI has a sub-asset class consisting of various different assets like (Stablecoins, Bitcoin, ETH, DeFi, Metaverse, and Web3 Infrastructure) and these assets can change over time as per requirement.

Giving an equal opportunity to everyone for creating a diversified portfolio and maximizing the return. They have worked with various DAOs like Arcx, Aave, Gitcoin, UniSwap providing treasury management frameworks that align with their mission and values covering 3 major aspects -

  1. The vision
  2. Asset management
  3. Transparent Financial Reporting

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